Hack Fitbit, Set and Forget, Earn Cold Hard Cash and Rewards Daily!!!

The best Fitbit hack yet is in this article. You can earn Dicks Sporting Goods gift cards, Walgreens rewards for in store cash and best of all cold hard cash. All at the same time without ever taking a single step. This is a Fitbit hack of the set and forget nature. It still will take you a few days but by hacking the Fitbit and earning points every day, your hundreds of thousands of steps that are logged never could have been easier.

This hack Fitbit guide will walk you through the step by step process of account connection and give you all the necessary information on how, with tools, to successfully hack Fitbit daily. These Fitbit hacks will actually pay you to rack up points through thousands of steps. If you want to make it even easier, you can buy our Fitbit hack kit using this link Buy Hack Fitbit Kit. Not only is it affordable but also it comes with everything you need to keep racking up points 24 hours a day. Note: if when you start to hack Fitbit point’s daily you may notice that nothing is happening on the apps that you've downloaded. Don’t worry these apps take days sometimes weeks to update. Trust the process stay the course for rewards galore. Like the Dicks app takes up to three weeks for example so you won't see anything happen immediately. If you’re really scared, you can sync your Fitbit with your android phone and see exactly what has been tracked as you hack it.

The first day I hacked my Fitbit I got about 20 bucks between all the rewards apps and around 40,000 steps, it also accumulated previous data from other days, but I unlocked the cleats badge when I synced it the next day. So I don’t think there is a cap on the steps even though there may be because of this website in the future. But until then either mimic real iron man behavior or enjoy it while it lasts. These hacks are easier then you could ever imagine. So if you have a Fitbit, any Fitbit, get ready to hack the shit out of it and get free gear. Remember you can do this hack with any of the Fitbit’s but in the example you see here today we will be using the charge 2 model. Remember to read this article to the end you will be glad you took the time to do it. Thanks to Amber, Nevaeh, and Collin for taking the time to test and research all the information needed to make this hack Fitbit guide and hack Fitbit kit available to the general public.

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Connect Fitbit apps for cash.

Feel free to use this link to find out more about apps that cover different areas of rewards but for the sake of wasting time this Fitbit hacking guide will only cover three which happen to be the very best. This Fitbit hack is for and using the android phone not the iPhone. The iPhone does have an app called BOUNTY and they pay you through PayPal real cash for each mile you walk but non of us use iPhone so if you have an iPhone you may want to use that bounty link after you read this guide to hack Fitbit miles. Using a hacked Fitbit and an android phone is the best way I have found to earn the most free cash and gear, for the record I’m a health freak and I hit the gym everyday, however my Fitbit sat in my watch box for 6 months because honestly it told me the same set of info everyday. Stupid buy until I hacked it.

This site is a great resource for Hacking the Fitbit. The kit is cheap and works like a charm, you need nothing else to win this one.

Thomas Cain

Hack Acheivement App

This article assumes you already have a Fitbit and have downloaded the Fitbit app on your android phone. The first app we are going to connect to your phone is the myacheivement.com app which can be found in the Google play store or by clicking this link. Get My Acheivement App

Break Down:

  • 125 Steps = 1 Point
  • 10,000 Points = $10.00 Real Cash
  • 50,000 Points = $50.00 Real Cash
  • 1,250,000 Steps = $10.00 Real Cash
  • 6,250,000 Steps = $50.00 Real Cash

Go to myacheviemnt.com and sign up. Then download the app from the Google Play Store and sign in with your login that you just created. This app makes you confirm your email before you can connect your fitbit. Confirm your email and then sign into MyAcheviemnet through the mobil app. Navigate to connect an app. Navigate to Fitbit and sign into your Fitit account to activate the rewards system. Don’t worry if you don’t see the steps update immediately it takes 24 hours on this app to sync, so check back the next day. NEXT…

Hack Dicks App

Our next app on the list is the Dicks Sporting Goods app. You can download the app using this link Download Dicks App. You will need to sign up to be a rewards member and when you buy things at dicks you will also receive points for free gift cards as well. Best of all if you’re a health freak like me you can get all types of gear for free using this Fitbit Hack in days instead of years.

Break Down:

  • 10,000 Steps = 30 Points
  • 300 Points = $10.00 Gift Card
  • 100,000 Steps = $10.00 Gift Card

Sign up for the Dicks Rewards program either in store or using the downloadable app from Google Play. After the app is insrtalled go to the move link inside the main navigation of the home page in the app. The menu button is found in the upper left hand corner of the mobile app and the move icon is a running shoe. From that point on connect your Fitbit and after you sign in you can check to see if your rewards points have updated under the scorecard link in the main menu of the mobile app. It updates every few weeks so don’t be alarmed if you see nothing happening for a few days.

Hack Walgreens App

Finally last but certainly not least the walgreens rewards points app. Download the walgreens app from the Google Play store or by using this link. Download Walgreens App Sign up and confirm all your basic info including cell phone and email to get to the connection menu.

Break Down:

  • 5,000 Points = $5.00 In Store Credit

Walgreens is a little tricky but after you confirm your info you want to click on the balance rewards icon on the main home page of the app. Then click on balance rewards for healthy choices. When it gives you the option to choose to connect between apps and devices, choose devices. Then scroll down until you see your Fitbit and click get it. Sign into the Fitbit connection screen and your device will be connected properly. Walgreens usually updates rather quickly so you should be able to see rewards points building up almost immediately.

  1. This fitbit hack is so cool I couldn’t leave it off the list. Its not the most efficient and wont kill the steps but fun non the less. Put your fitbit on your dogs collar, LOL, I have a chihuahua and I take him for walks everyday. This little guy racks up thousands of steps per 10 mins and he never gets tired. Way cool.
  2. Set and forget method one, the ceiling fan. Get a plastic bag and some good tape, which you can buy from this site using the links you have been seeing on the right. I. E. scrolling images. Set the ceiling fan to the lowest possible setting and put the fitbit inside a plastic bag, tape the bag to the blade and your done. You can rack up 100,000 steps a day or more by just doing that. You can also remove the wrist band and tape it to the blade itself, but test the Fitbit hack to make sure its counting. If the fan Is rotating more than 5MPH it will not register anything and you will be wasting your time.
  3. Get a massager from one of the links to the right and strap the Fitbit or tape the Fitbit to the massager. Turn the massager on and set and forget. 100,000 steps a day easy. Test the process to see your not on too high of a setting and getting enough vibration to count steps.
  4. What you need to make the massager work. Simply remove the wrist band from the FitBit and tape the decive to the massager. Then put it on lowest speed.

  5. BEST HACK FOR FITBIT! – Buy a facial cleanser exfoliating brush from our link on the right and remove the facial tool from the device Remove the wrist band from the Fibit and tape the Fitbit lightly to the flat end of the facial tool, then reconnect it to the device. Be sure not to have excess tape rubbing the base slowing down the motor or you will burn it out quick and have to get another tool. Set the setting to low and prop it up so that it sits and spins without your attention. Check the steps to make sure it's moving slow enough to register steps, again it must be under 5MPH. DONE. Sit and chill and get points, gift cards, and cold hard cash from 3 different spots.
  6. This is the hack Fitbit Kit and it's very easy to use. Here is one more image to show you exactly how it needs to be done. Once again remove the facial tool frome the device, then tape the Fitbit without the wrist band to the facial tool and remove excess tape before reconnecting the facial tool. Prop up and turn it on lowest setting. Done!

  7. This is what your hack fitbit kit looks like fully assembled. All you need to do now is turn it on the lowest setting and your done. Just leave it be for several hours and rack up those steps!


I hope you enjoy your hack fitbit guide and purchase a Hack Fitbit Kit from us, its inexpensive, comes with a facial scrubber, tape, 4 rechargeable AA batteries with a charger for the low price of 49.95 shipped to anywhere in the USA. We hope that you get millions of steps and earn a ton of free gear. Help keep this site running by supporting us through one of our links or purchase a Hack Fitbit Kit today. And remember nothing beats a good workout. We hope you got what you came here for, email us at support@hackfitbit.com and ask us anything. Thanks,

Collin McAdams

Collin McAdams

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help better your day by reading this. Special thanks to HP for sharing great habits nd ideas with me and for the experience to know what to do with the bulk of them.


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